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Exclusive: The Globalist Fourth Reich

History is written by someone who was not there about something that didn’t happen. And seventy-six years on, subsequent to thousands of books and films about Hitler and the Third Reich, that’s true with regard to the accepted history that has come after.

Even though the Third Reich ended with Hitler’s death and the defeat of Germany in 1945, the globalist ideal represented by those men has lived on.

A power bloc exists, obfuscated and hidden, at the very highest levels of power, not usually considered, seldom discussed in serious historic terms. They’re not Illuminati or Bilderbergers, or the usual suspects that a conspiratorial fringe might obsess about, such as the Bohemian Grove or Freemasons. They are not anti-Semitic, or white supremacists… but militarist totalitarians of the first order.

Dr Joseph Farrell explained that there is a fifth column at the highest level of power seldom considered as influencing world events, creating much confusion and misunderstanding for the populace. How can people address the elephant in the room when they are unaware the elephant even exists? That’s an important factor for the Globalist Fourth Reich… secrecy. Furthermore, this Elite Fourth Reich ideology is not anti-Semitic, and the ideology does not embrace white supremacy; whereas militarism and totalitarianism are highly prized ideals.
Link: Globalist Fourth Reich

It is no coincidence that Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has called its Great Reset the Fourth Industrial Revolution, evoking a Fourth Reich meme … or what we shall call the Globalist Fourth Reich. So how did the Globalist Fourth Reich come about?

Ever since the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire after the Napoleonic Wars, a small group of Elites hoped to re-establish that empire.

Arguably, desire for re-establishment of the Holy Roman Empire eventually resulted in the nascent National Socialist Movement in Germany during the 1920’s, which assumed power there during the 1930’s and formed the basis for the Third Reich.
But, by 1943, Martin Bormann knew that Germany was defeated. So, as Paul Manning describes in his book, Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile, Bormann developed a plan to export German influence in industry and politics all over the world. Bormann’s plan in part inspired the 1957 Treaty of Rome.
Link: The Red House Report

Adam Lebor documented the same Nazi ideology seeking a monetarily unified Europe (and eventually globe) in his book, The Tower of Basel.

The Tower of Basel describes the history of the world’s largest and most secretive central bank, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The BIS was founded to repay German reparations after WW1, but the bank’s remit quickly grew and transformed to be a Nazi bank. As the second world war appeared lost and Hitler became an irrelevance, the Nazi goal was not just for a unified Europe under a European central bank, but a unified world under totalitarian rule. The Bank for International Settlements has participated in this totalitarian evolution – and funded it – every step of the way… and does so today.

Likewise Allen Dulles, top CIA man and perhaps one of the most evil men to ever walk the earth, recruited Nazi’s to work for the US government and its intelligence services after World War 2. The CIA’s most remarkable recruit was an SS man, REINHARD GEHLEN. During the 1960’s it was still okay to theorize about Nazi power in the west, and an excellent film was made on the subject called, The Quiller Memorandum. We must return to that 1966 Quiller Memorandum story today, to get an idea of how this totalitarian ideal has progressed. In the end, Quiller understands that he cannot change this history, or even warn of the coming totalitarian future.

Thus we live in an Orwellian nightmare of the present as edited by Huxley, where we are told that powerful men like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and their predecessors — who have brought us war, inflation and oppression for over one hundred years — wish to keep us safe. And that there is no point in suspecting otherwise. Many believe it. Bamboozled by the western media, engaging our attention elsewhere in every Orwellian sense, with Cervantes windmills and illusions used to confuse and obfuscate.

We are told that China is a threat one day. Next month it’s Russia … then Iran the next.. and so on. Or perhaps all three together with ISIS plus a new virus mixed in? Where is this nonsense coming from, and most of all… why?

Long ago, the United States and Europe traded away their respect for humanity, the Rights of Man, liberty, sovereignty, and self-determination… in exchange for what? In exchange for an ideology based on greed, avarice, self-interest, totalitarianism, and growing central governmental control. To gain ultimate power, Elites sacrificed their golden goose to the deity of deception and lies, usury and kleptocracy. The populace does see – and asks why. Something is not right, but the major media’s smoke and mirrors prevent us from realizing how totalitarian rule has evolved. How it has developed like a malignant cancer over time and continues to do so. Faster and faster. It’s time to see it.

An Elite .1% own 99.9% of the globe, while their ideologue view is deeply rooted in the central governmental framework of control and theft. The control they seek knows no bound with regard to faith or even personal belief.

The Globalist Fourth Reich ideology began with the defeat of Germany and Red House plan, but evolved over many years ideologically and secretly. Via ideologues like the Frankist Leo Strauss, Mike Ledeen, Francis Fukayama and many others, the Globalist Fourth Reich expanded to the extent where such thinking has dominated the political-tech class overall in the West.

By division of left wing versus right wing and vice versa, by one party versus another, the false dilemma myopic view prevents us from seeing the big and obfuscated picture. The Globalist Fourth Reich is not KGB or CIA or even Nazi’s in the classic sense, and cannot be compartmentalized by popular notional labels. Yes, it’s about control, while attempting to hide their power grabs. But perhaps by your umpteenth jab, you will feel it.

Since the Globalist Fourth Reich’s object is a totalitarian State characterized by complete control — whether by a digital currency of digital ID or just by brute force — we must not only prevent it, but defeat it. Awareness that a very dangerous ruling class of globalists seeks complete control over us all and all aspects of our lives, is at least a start on the means to doing so.

Steve Brown

Exclusive for Strategika 51 Intelligence

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