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Trucker Protest: Media Ignores the Digital ID

A national ID card is unconstitutional in‌ the United States, so the federal government allows individual states to issue identity cards – usually driver’s licenses. US Congress voted for the Real ID Act after 911 in an attempt to leverage more control over identity cards, since some states were issuing licenses to illegal immigrants.

Of course the US federal government will claim national security to be an issue when there is no other, via the same governmental cut-outs who have given us war and inflation for over one hundred years. As such the US digital ID Act of 2021 claimed national security too. This link from Politico the poster child of MSM corporate Bormann International (fascist) “journalism”, reports on the Act with glee: Link: https://www.politico.com/newsletters/weekly-cybersecurity/2021/02/08/digital-id-bill-to-make-a-comeback-793232 But to date, the US Act has not passed.

In Canada, totalitarianism in relation to identity is somewhat further along, where centralized governmental QR code proof of vaccination is already in use. An example QR code is here:

Seldom (if ever) mentioned in the media, digital QR code ID proof of vaccination is a major issue for Canadian truckers. It’s a level of Central Governmental control that intersects with an enforced medical procedure, all reminiscent of the fascist scourge the world attempted to rid itself of, over eighty years ago, and failed. Protesting Canadian truckers are as opposed to the digital ID as they are to the government’s enforcement of a mandated experimental medical procedure.

So far, the US government has been unable to enforce a vaccine mandate for US truckers, but it is clear that day is coming.

For now, US central government Faderland Security will enforce a vaccine mandate for truckers outside of the US, who must cross US borders. The Homeland Security rule amounts to a double whammy for Canadian truckers who transport goods to the US.

US truckers – frequently subcontractors – are perhaps not as independent as Canadian truckers. Most US freight companies ultimately contract to major Corporate conglomerates, and US truckers subcontract to them. Vanguard Group: https://www.investmentnews.com/vanguard-to-seize-wealth-management-industry-with-its-digital-platform-71454 US conglomerate control (over many decades) has achieved overall ownership of the US corporate structure, and has broached the independence and unity of the labor force, including truckers.

Likewise the US health care industry is such that US truckers may be vulnerable to losing their private health policy, or having insurance policy costs increase, if they do not receive an approved version of the C19 vaccine. By this tactic, many US truckers already have some version of the C19 vaccine. The main point though, is that there is no CDC or US federally-enforced mandate for US truckers to have the C19 vaccine at present. Since the digital ID and C19 vaccine is not mandatory at present, US truckers have less motivation to protest than Canadian truckers do. However, like the digital ID and digital currency, it is only a matter of time before such totalitarian governmental restrictions are imposed nationally in the United States, across all states.

Freedoms and liberties are rapidly being lost in the west. Censorship. Cancel culture; denial of the past; denial of history; denial of reality. Wokeism. The greater issue is the level of central governmental control people are willing to accept. The west is becoming an Orwellian nightmare characterized by totalitarianism and conflict. Again brought to us by those who have given us war, inflation, and the worship of mammon for over one hundred years. But at least Canadian truckers are attempting to do something about that.

Steve Brown

Source: Novus Confidential

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