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Ukraine, Israel, and Western Hypocrisy

The West brays for Russian blood over the Ukraine crisis, while ignoring the elderly elephant in the room, namely Western support for the (mostly) US/European invasion and occupation of Palestine.

Of course the United States has done much more than support Israel, it has invaded and occupied Iraq, along with its occupation of Syria to this very day; and destabilized many more governments with at least seventy-four US interventions since World War 2. (A current example is the US hope to overturn Imran Khan’s government in Pakistan.) But since Israel is a close ally of the United States, an analogy between Israel’s occupation of Palestine and the Russian invasion of the Ukraine will be briefly addressed here.


Ariel is an illegal* settlement in the Occupied Territories (West Bank) occupied by “settlers” — more properly but less commonly known as colonizers — who illegally inhabit land belonging to Palestine, and have done so since 1978.

In the occupied West Bank settlers have engaged in provocations for many years, with one recent example here:Link: and occasional Palestinian reprisals.Link: the article states, Israel’s government fully backs the settlements, and Israel’s government militarily enforces its will in the Golan Heights, illegally annexed by Israel from Syria, where only the Trump regime formally recognized the Golan as Israel’s.

The rest of the “international community” (and specifically international law) does not recognize Israel’s Golan annexation, or the settlements. So, Israel treats both the Golan and Ariel ‘settlement’ (and others) as being ‘autonomous’, but administered and/or policed by Israel.


Subsequent to the 2014 ‘Maidan revolution’, Kiev’s government began shelling “rebel held” regions in the east, namely Donetsk and Luhansk provinces, known as the Donbass, in and attempt to subdue that region to Kiev’s will. The people there formed the DPR and LPR people’s republics, to resist the Kiev coup. But unlike the invaders of the Golan, the people of Donetsk and Luhansk have always lived there, with trade, language and culture shared with Russia. It’s also important to note that aggression versus the Donbass was initiated by Kiev’s government, just as Israel invaded and occupied the Golan.

So, in a ‘forgotten war’ of nearly eight years, the people of the Donbass were pounded by Azov, Right Sector, and S14 artillery, all along the front in those regions, and the Donbass conflict received virtually no coverage in the western press, during those years.

But is there a direct analogy regarding Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories to the Ukraine conflict? Probably not.

The DPR and LPR were supported by Russia with aid, military and financial, just as Israel supports the Ariel settlement (and others) in the West Bank, and Golan, however the difference is that the people of the DPR/LPR have always lived there, whereas the Ariel “settlers” and occupiers of the Golan have not. As such, Russia has a moral right to support their people in the Donbass, while Israel’s occupation is morally and legally indefensible.

But the elephant in the room? Subsequent to Russia’s support for DPR/LPR autonomy and the February military incursion to do so, the collective Western media now brays for Russian blood in the Donbass, while there is no media outrage at all about Israel’s illegal actions in the Occupied Territories. Certainly not to any remotely equivalent degree. Indeed, if hypocrisy were a fatal disease, the collective West would have expired long, long ago.This conflict is mired in religion too, dating back to the Great Schism of 1054: Link: An over-simplification, but West of the Dnepr, the populace largely follows the Western Roman church, while people of the east follow the Eastern Orthodox church. Also note that some Ukrainian Romano Christians consider Kiev to be the center of the New Jerusalem Link: — a popular narrative, popular mainly in Western Ukraine. But there is a further connection to Israel.

The “Heavenly Jerusalem” project for Israel relates to emigration from Israel to the Ukraine, based on a premise that Israel does not have territory to support all Jewish people – and others – who wish to reside there. The thinking is – or was – that the Ukraina (literally, borderlands) promised a new land and resources needed for a new Jewish state:“Heavenly Jerusalem (also New Jerusalem, Israel 2.0, New Israel) is a project whose goal is the formation of a Jewish state within Ukraine on the territories of its five southern regions: Odessa , Dnipropetrovsk , Zaporozhye , Kherson and Mykolaiv

The “project” was led by Igor Gekko aka “Berkut” and may even be an anti-Semitic trope: Link: Regardless, the connection between Israel and the Ukraine is quite close, not just ideologically, but in business terms, too.

So why does the collective Western media ignore Israel’s annexation of Palestinian territories (there is still a push for the Jordan Valley and West Bank) and Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, while braying for Russian blood over its action in the Ukraine? The only conclusion can be, that we are now defacto engaged in World War 3 at the behest of the US hegemonic, including Europe and Israel. Consider for example that despite Israel’s sensitive relationship with Russia, the Israeli media reports its success in supplying the Panzerfaust to Ukrainian Azov Nazi’s to destroy Russians, with extreme glee. Link: So yes, we can conclude that this is World War 3 is on, at the command of the Collective West, where the Ukraine, Israel, and Western Hypocrisy all intersect.

Steve Brown

*Definition of illegal reverts to international law, versus Western powers opinion (so-called “international community”) and under international law Ariel is an illegal settlement:

**Ukrainian oligarchs, such as Clinton cohort Viktor Pinchuk, arms dealer Vadim Rabinovich, intensely corrupt oil baron Ihor Kolomoisky Link:, and many other Ukrainian criminals leverage Israel as their financial base.

Presidential Directive 68 (PDD 68) mandates that all US corporate media outlets are defacto under US governmental and jurisdictional control, represented by a myriad of US security services.

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