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After the coup: Pakistan sliding into unrest

Raw analysis:

Pro-US top brass military commanders are heading Pakistan to the path of destruction. Their imported government, formed by at least two of the most corrupt dynasties of this nuclear armed South Asian power have deep links to one of the currently embattled oligarchies in the US (Biden, Clinton, Obama) and are trying to reverse Pakistan strategy shift and new focus towards China and Russia. Moreover, the former Pakistani Prime minister Imran Khan and his party, the Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has a significant popular support, especially in the Northern Tribal Areas adjacent to Afghanistan but also in Punjab and Sind. Imran Khan publicly stated he was ousted from power following a US engineered military coup using apparent legal means (confidence motion in the parliament), blackmail and bribery.

Imran Khan, former Prime minister of Pakistan

Nawaz and Bhutto Zardari clans are very close to the US deep State and analysts do not expect a stable situation in Pakistan soon.

The compromized military elites will try to create more tensions with the arch-rival India to divert the focus on the internal situation and above all on the US huge interference in Pakistani politics. During the last days of his tenure as Prime minister, and in a rare gesture in Pakistan political history, Imran Khan praised New Delhi approach in global politics and especially its posture against the US pressures in the frameset of the ongoing US-Russian conflict in Eastern Europe.

Imran Khan giving a six days ultimatum to the current Pakistani government to hold general elections to end the rule of the “imported government” will complicate further the political situation in the country. Such a move is strongly opposed by Washington and its allies in Pakistan. The military authorized the deployment of troops in Islamabad (red area, diplomatic enclave, official public offices) to keep Imran Khan supporters out of the capital city.

Pakistan unrest in another example of US heavy interference consequences spiralling out of control and likely to have a negative impact on the very tense geostrategic status or South Asia.

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