Just one week ago (August 26th) we considered Israel’s bombing raid in Damascus, where conflicting reports suggested that the IAF targeted either Aqraba in southern Damascus, or Dama, about thirty miles further south.  This author speculated that Israel likely struck a Syrian Arab Army supply route near Khan Sheikhoun, butContinue Reading/Continuer à lire


Le mouvement politico-militaire libanais du Hezbollah a réaffirmé que l’opération d’Avivim menée par ses combattants le 01 septembre 2019 à l’intérieur des territoires de la Palestine historique occupée en 1948 marque un tournant stratégique majeur au Moyen-Orient. Pour la première fois en effet, les combattants du Hezbollah libanais ne seContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

For many years Israel has deployed reconnaissance aircraft along the Lebanese border – in violation of Lebanese and Syrian airspace – from Avivim to the KfarShuba Hills and the Sheba’a Farms border region. Subject to a rather toothless UN agreement (UN Security Council Resolution 1701)  largely couched in meaningless rhetoric,Continue Reading/Continuer à lire