With the world on fire in so many places, trying to write an overview can be a daunting task when a book-sized effort is really needed. But our commentaries here can help readers begin to connect the dots as to why this is all happening, what the downside risks areContinue Reading/Continuer à lire


De toute évidence, nos pronostics se sont avérés fort justes en ce qui concerne la crise politique en cours à Hong Kong. Après avoir demandé à cor et à cris la nationalité britanniques, les jeunes manifestants Hong kongais se sont dirigés en masse vers le consulat général des États-Unis d’AmériqueContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

No company has succeeded in building an operating system to compete with Android and iOS, but Huawei is going to try — because it has no alternative Huawei’s smartphone business is living on borrowed time. In May, the U.S. government blocked companies like Google from dealing with Huawei, an order itContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Il est clair que ce qui ce passe à Hong Kong est une nouvelle guerre hybride visant Beijing. La China Global Television Network est une chaîne officielle chinoise destinée à l’international. Il est rarissime voire impossible qu’un média chinois évoque ouvertement et frontalement le rôle d’un des membres les plusContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Skyrizon ou Beijing Tianjao Aviation Industry Investment Company, une société d’investissements spécialisée dans le domaine aéronautique basée à Beijing tente à nouveau d’acquérir des actions de Motor Sich JSC, le géant ukrainien des moteurs pour avions et hélicoptères. Les chinois sont extrêmement intéressés par l’acquisition de ce constructeur, d’autant plusContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

The Western media has been boasting over recent protests in Hong Kong. Western headlines have claimed the protests have « rattled » Beijing’s leadership. The protests have been organized to obstruct Hong Kong’s elected government from moving forward with an extradition bill. The bill would further integrate Hong Kong’s legal system with that ofContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Six days after China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples’ Liberation Army Navy with an impressive parade of its ships, including the now operational Liaoning aircraft carrier, the new type 055 destroyers and a new type of nuclear submarine, a parade in which Russia, Vietnam, andContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Un prototype de ce qui semble bien être l’avion de combat furtif de cinquième génération chinois Shenyang J-31 (FC-31) a été aperçu sur une autoroute chinoise, transporté par un porte-char. L’armée de l’air chinoise déploie de très intenses activités ces derniers temps sur fond d’une tension persistante en mer deContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

The bombing on Monday evening, August 17, 2015, has killed up to 20 people, injured over 100 more, and stands as one of the worst single terrorist attacks in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok in recent memory. The attack targeted a religious shrine popular with Asian tourists – particularly from ChinaContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

A recent sell-off in China’s stock markets is the first major challenge facing the country since the introduction of margin trading, and is believed to have been caused by hostile short-sellers. In a report on the Chinese news site ifeng.com, an analyst said the sell-off was similar to what tookContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Le mystère du vol MH370 de Malaysian Airlines, disparu depuis le 8 mars 2014 une heure après son décollage de l’aéroport de Kuala Lumpur en Malaisie vers l’aéroport internationale de Pékin en Chine semble plus épais que jamais et suscite un nombre croissant d’interrogations mais aussi de non-dits. Je neContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

On May 13, 2013, China launched a rocket into space from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China. According to state-run media reports at the time, “The experiment was designed to investigate energetic particles and magnetic fields in the ionized stratum and near-Earth space. According to a preliminary analysis byContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

China’s new nuclear bomber can launch strategic missile attacks against US military facilities and those of its allies in the Western Pacific, according to Chinese state media. H-6K strategic bombers have already been deployed with the 8th and 10th air divisions of the People’s Liberation Army’s Air Force, Watch China Times reports.Continue Reading/Continuer à lire