Just one week ago (August 26th) we considered Israel’s bombing raid in Damascus, where conflicting reports suggested that the IAF targeted either Aqraba in southern Damascus, or Dama, about thirty miles further south.  This author speculated that Israel likely struck a Syrian Arab Army supply route near Khan Sheikhoun, butContinue Reading/Continuer à lire


In a rather surprising announcement, US Central Command claimed to attack a takfiri training camp in the terrorist stronghold of Idlib province (Syria) where Ansar al-Tawhid and similar groups were present. According to (US) Centcom and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, forty or more militants were killed in theContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Take it as given that Israel tends to operate behind the scenes and would prefer to influence affairs covertly rather than overtly, so when Israel admits to resuming air strikes vs Syria and Iraq that’s worth a look. Israel has resumed air strikes on Syria and Iraq, claiming to strikeContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Nous y sommes. Mille paravents et formules diplomatiques ne réussiront pas à cacher l’enjeu réel. Une déflagration générale au Moyen-Orient mettra tôt ou tard aux prises l’ensemble des intervenants. Une comparaison des capacités militaires de la Fédération de Russie et de l’État d’Israël réalisée par NewSoldat. Langue : Russe. UneContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Point man to take advantage of US muddling and meddling in Syria by US State is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, clearly playing his hand as the « great NATO ally » posturing to avoid US sanctions, in light of Turkey’s recent S-400 missile purchase and his attempt to fill a perceived power vacuumContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Il semble que l’Alliance du Traité de l’Atlantique Nord (Otan) se heurte à de sérieuses difficultés à Idleb où les forces armées syriennes, les forces aérospatiales russes et les unités d’élite du mouvement politico-militaire libanais du Hezbollah continuent à progresser dans le sud de la province rebelle sous protection militaireContinue Reading/Continuer à lire