According to Glenn Kessler’s September 27th Washington Post article, ‘A quick guide to Trump’s false claims about Ukraine and the Bidens’, « Biden was among the many Western officials who pressed for the removal of Shokin because he actually was not investigating the corruption endemic to the country.. »  That is, UkraineContinue Reading/Continuer à lire


From Joseph P Farrell, author of Babylon’s Banksters (2010): ‘1. The clan is ancient, with strong ties going back millennia, both to government and finance; 2. The clan is moreover connected with a secret society, whose activities in turnare connected with:          a. Occult religious activity;          b. Criminal businessContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

A Limited Hangout is the deliberate revelation of some information to try to confuse and/or prevent discovery of other information; a Statecraft technique, using information and disinformation together, to try to suppress the revelation of true information, orchestrated by a State entity, or special interest or group. In George Orwell’sContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

How Donald Trump is going to win a war no US President ever won? How a NY businessman is defying the dreadful ‘Deep State’ and playing a very dangerous game to bring it down? Trump is risking his own life trying to fool the most criminal organization of modern history.Continue Reading/Continuer à lire