With the world on fire in so many places, trying to write an overview can be a daunting task when a book-sized effort is really needed. But our commentaries here can help readers begin to connect the dots as to why this is all happening, what the downside risks areContinue Reading/Continuer à lire


The US continues to deny any involvement in ongoing unrest in China’s special administrative region of Hong Kong. However, even a casual look at US headlines or comments made by US politicians makes it clear the unrest not only suits US interests, but is spurred on almost exclusively by them.Continue Reading/Continuer à lire

Just one week ago (August 26th) we considered Israel’s bombing raid in Damascus, where conflicting reports suggested that the IAF targeted either Aqraba in southern Damascus, or Dama, about thirty miles further south.  This author speculated that Israel likely struck a Syrian Arab Army supply route near Khan Sheikhoun, butContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Jamais un dirigeant, un chef, un Sultan, un président ou un Chef d’État turc n’a autant humilié à volonté les dirigeants ou plutôt les gestionnaires des États d’Europe occidentale. D’autant plus que les humiliations et les chantages de Tayep Reçep Erdogan engendrent pour son pays des Accords fort avantageux etContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

For many years Israel has deployed reconnaissance aircraft along the Lebanese border – in violation of Lebanese and Syrian airspace – from Avivim to the KfarShuba Hills and the Sheba’a Farms border region. Subject to a rather toothless UN agreement (UN Security Council Resolution 1701)  largely couched in meaningless rhetoric,Continue Reading/Continuer à lire

In a rather surprising announcement, US Central Command claimed to attack a takfiri training camp in the terrorist stronghold of Idlib province (Syria) where Ansar al-Tawhid and similar groups were present. According to (US) Centcom and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, forty or more militants were killed in theContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Take it as given that Israel tends to operate behind the scenes and would prefer to influence affairs covertly rather than overtly, so when Israel admits to resuming air strikes vs Syria and Iraq that’s worth a look. Israel has resumed air strikes on Syria and Iraq, claiming to strikeContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Les leaders du mouvement de la contestation rifaine en détention dans les geôles marocaines et condamnés à de très lourdes peines de prison pour rassemblement demandent ne plus vouloir de la nationalité marocaine ou de l’allégeance au roi du Maroc. Le leader de la contestation Nacer Zefzafi (photos ci-dessous) aContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Point man to take advantage of US muddling and meddling in Syria by US State is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, clearly playing his hand as the « great NATO ally » posturing to avoid US sanctions, in light of Turkey’s recent S-400 missile purchase and his attempt to fill a perceived power vacuumContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Subsequent to decades of failed foreign policy, from continuous wars to the « Arab spring » (read: nightmare) Washington has arrived at a crossroads. Designed to make money for its military contractors and upset just about everyone else, the DC establishment is not only at a crossroads, but faces a serious quandaryContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Convinced that terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations, committed by whomever, wherever and for whatever purposes, is unacceptable and unjustifiable, member States of the United Nations were finally able to adopt, on September 8, 2006, a common approach within the framework of the “United Nations global counter-terrorism strategy ». But,Continue Reading/Continuer à lire

All Facebook and Twitter accounts associated with Bangkok-based geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci have been deleted. The extent to which both American-based tech companies went to target Cartalucci could be seen in a recent Reuters article reporting on it.  Written by Thai Reuters correspondent Patpicha Tanakasempipat, the article titled, « Facebook removes fakeContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

There is no doubt that if Hillary Clinton had won the US election in 2016, she would have confronted Russia in Syria. Trump didn’t.  And simply put, Russiagate provided the means to exert pressure on Russia that Clinton would have applied, had she won office. Now Russiagate serves a newContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Russian soldier Anton Yerygin died of heavy injuries sustained during an insurgent attack in Syria’s Homs province, a spokesman of the Khmeimim base reported on May 11. Anton Yerygin was escorting Russia’s Hmeymim reconciliation center vehicles, when the convoy was shelled by terrorists earlier this week. “Performing tasks to escort vehicles of theContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

La dernière rencontre du président de la fédération de Russie avec le premier ministre de l’Etat d’Israël semble avoir été un échec sur tous les plans. Vladimir Poutine aurait laissé entendre à Benyamin Netanyahu que la Russie ne bougera pas le moindre petit doigt pour empêcher une riposte du HezbollahContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

As predicted and previously reported, terrorists who took part in an unprecedented attack in the center of Paris killing over a 100 and injuring hundreds more, were well-known to French security agencies before the attack took place. The UK Daily Mail reported in its article, « Hunt for the Isis killers:Continue Reading/Continuer à lire

The bombing on Monday evening, August 17, 2015, has killed up to 20 people, injured over 100 more, and stands as one of the worst single terrorist attacks in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok in recent memory. The attack targeted a religious shrine popular with Asian tourists – particularly from ChinaContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Late last year, Germany’s broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) investigated what turned out to be hundreds of trucks a day carrying billions of dollars in supplies, flowing across the Turkish border into Syria and directly into the hands of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS). The border crossing near the Turkish cityContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this, If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth.” – Dr. Carl Sagan Before the bodies of the unfortunate victims in Charleston were cold, the usualContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Top U.N. officials have recently said that “All senior U.S. officials and CIA agents who authorized or carried out torture like waterboarding as part of former President George W. Bush’s national security policy must be prosecuted.” Wouldn’t it be nice to see people like Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, CondoleezzaContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Russia’s celebrations of the 69th anniversary of the defeat of fascism in World War II come just days after Ukrainian neo-fascists enacted an appalling Odessa massacre. For those who know their history, the graphic symbolism speaks for itself. And then a geopolitical chess gambit added outright puzzlement to the trademark hypocrisy displayedContinue Reading/Continuer à lire