« A Society of Sheep must in time beget a Government of Wolves » — Bertrand de Jouvenel Stephen Hadley, former National Security Advisor to the George W Bush regime, is one of the top US Neoconservative activists. Hadley is a pro, a battle-wizened key promoter of US aggression in Iraq. HadleyContinue Reading/Continuer à lire


With the world on fire in so many places, trying to write an overview can be a daunting task when a book-sized effort is really needed. But our commentaries here can help readers begin to connect the dots as to why this is all happening, what the downside risks areContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Just one week ago (August 26th) we considered Israel’s bombing raid in Damascus, where conflicting reports suggested that the IAF targeted either Aqraba in southern Damascus, or Dama, about thirty miles further south.  This author speculated that Israel likely struck a Syrian Arab Army supply route near Khan Sheikhoun, butContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

For many years Israel has deployed reconnaissance aircraft along the Lebanese border – in violation of Lebanese and Syrian airspace – from Avivim to the KfarShuba Hills and the Sheba’a Farms border region. Subject to a rather toothless UN agreement (UN Security Council Resolution 1701)  largely couched in meaningless rhetoric,Continue Reading/Continuer à lire

Take it as given that Israel tends to operate behind the scenes and would prefer to influence affairs covertly rather than overtly, so when Israel admits to resuming air strikes vs Syria and Iraq that’s worth a look. Israel has resumed air strikes on Syria and Iraq, claiming to strikeContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Il semble que l’Alliance du Traité de l’Atlantique Nord (Otan) se heurte à de sérieuses difficultés à Idleb où les forces armées syriennes, les forces aérospatiales russes et les unités d’élite du mouvement politico-militaire libanais du Hezbollah continuent à progresser dans le sud de la province rebelle sous protection militaireContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

It was the duplicity of the former United States that caused it to withdraw from the JCPOA agreement — not any violation of that agreement by Iran. And it is the United States that provoked Iran to the verge of war.  It is the United States Treasury too, that presses crippling economic sanctions on Iran – not the other way around.

Israel plans to construct the world’s longest underwater gas pipeline together with Cyprus and Greece to carry Eastern Mediterranean gas on to Italy and the EU southern states. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has just endorsed the project. It will run smack up against a competing Turkish-Russian gas pipeline,Continue Reading/Continuer à lire

Lorsqu’ils veulent condamner un suspect, les Occidentaux l’accusent de toutes sortes de crimes jusqu’à ce qu’ils se trouvent en situation de prononcer la sentence. Peu importent la Vérité et la Justice, seule compte leur puissance. Revenant sur l’accusation d’usage d’armes chimiques en Syrie, Thierry Meyssan rappelle que si l’accusation neContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Musings from Damascus today, Friday, April 27. Reality on the ground vs western media reporting: Day vs night is an understatement. « The Eighth Amendment (Amendment VIII) of the United States Constitution prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishments. » But obviously this doesn’tContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Russian soldier Anton Yerygin died of heavy injuries sustained during an insurgent attack in Syria’s Homs province, a spokesman of the Khmeimim base reported on May 11. Anton Yerygin was escorting Russia’s Hmeymim reconciliation center vehicles, when the convoy was shelled by terrorists earlier this week. “Performing tasks to escort vehicles of theContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Exclusive Strategika 51 According to our sources from Syria, The National Defense Force, a well-equipped paramilitary force fighting alongside the Syrian Army against Nato backed ISIL and Enosra Front will have the opportunity to use the T-90 S main battle tank in combat in Syria. The Syrian Armour units areContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

America’s 3000 man contingent inside Iraq, is managing combat operations for ISIS and al Nusra in combination with Israeli forces. The report below was received from Syria and Lebanon this morning.  I will bullet point what I believe are the salient points. ISIS chief, al Baghdadi, was removed from hisContinue Reading/Continuer à lire

Late last year, Germany’s broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) investigated what turned out to be hundreds of trucks a day carrying billions of dollars in supplies, flowing across the Turkish border into Syria and directly into the hands of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS). The border crossing near the Turkish cityContinue Reading/Continuer à lire